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I just updated one of my FAQs and added a "LogBook" entry for the "ChangeLog" reporting the update and thanking another Factory member.

As is always the case, I have a typo in my Logbook entry.

I've looked but can't find a way to change my just-posted LogBook entry.

Can someone direct me to a way to accomplish this? And if members can't change this and if JM or Globeturtle read this and can correct my LogBook, look at my VoiceVersion FAQ "Change History" and change an to can redface


CraigW, I just posted a new POI file. After posting it I realized that I made an error for a small item.

What I was directed to do is to make a new file and repost the new file to where your file is located.

Hope this is what you are looking for?

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We can't, but... GlobeTurtle or JM. Either of them should be able to change it.

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Then for future note, it's...

Strephon_Alkhalikoi wrote: GlobeTurtle or JM. Either of them should be able to change it.

...proofread proofread proofread before posting.

Proof Reading

Proof reading your own post is not the best proof. If should always be someone else, but we all know that this is not always possible. Even with my students I like to have them proof and then I will help them out. It is when I read the text back to them that they are able to "hear" where changes need to be made.

If I feel I really need a proof reading I will read it out loud first and then have someone else proof it.

BTW ... Don't rely on MS grammar check to always be correct. It often gives poor choices and in some cases absolutely incorrect.

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Print it

CraigW wrote:

...proofread proofread proofread before posting.

For proofreading I find it helpful to print it out rather than view it on the screen. dferron's idea of having someone else do it is even better.

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I don't think that we can change those

You'll have to enlist the two head honchos to make those changes. I have erred in that arena as well. I just left 'em. :-/

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Logbook entry deleated

We don't have the ability to edit logbook entries, so it has been deleted.