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Looking for someone that has gotten through to Garmin support to help with the usb connection for the Garmin Nuvi 1450. Have went to the garmin site and followed all directions given but to no avail. It updated fine 3 months ago and now, the system can't locate it. Called Garmin and the wait time is 2 hrs. Any ideas would be appreciated.

You're saying the

computer doesn't recognize the device when connected?

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Have you...

I don't know what Garmin suggested you do, so I'll ask these questions:

Does Garmin's software not recognize the nuvi or does your computer not even see it as a drive? If it's just Garmin's software or web sites, tell us which ones you've tried: myGarmin, Garmin Express, GarminMapUpdater, WebUpdater, etc. (More questions will follow depending on the answers you give here.)

Have you tried every USB port on your computer, especially the back side ports? Are you connecting to a USB hub or some other port not part of the computer itself? Do other USB devices connect and work with computer?

Have you tried a different USB cable? If you have another cable, this is what I'd try first since a defective cable can give your results and is so easy to test.

Are you using the same computer as you did three months ago?

When not connected by USB to your computer, does the nuvi fire up with the current map and show a good battery charge?


Thanks for responding. The Garmin software does not recognize the recognize the Garmin 1450 hooked up to the computer at all. Have tried 4 other USB ports along with 4 other Garmin cables that all work. It was connected directly to the computer and did not go through a HUB. Yes, other things work with the USB port. The same computer is used to update this GPS as the last time, and I have even used another computer which does not recognize the GPS. The GPS is working correctly and have not had any problems with it, it just will not update. I have seen numerous posts about this same problem on the internet and was looking for a solution so that I didn't have to call Garmin and stay on hold for a long time but it looks like that's where I headed. Thanks for the reply.

What about the computer?

raycock wrote:

Thanks for responding. The Garmin software does not recognize the recognize the Garmin 1450 hooked up to the computer at all...

Does the computer see and show the nuvi as a drive with its files?


No sir. Nothing. Tried it on 3 computers, nothing.

USB Port Connections?

In my opinion I believe your problem may lie with the USB port connections on the 1450 have separated from the main board. This can sometimes be caused by having stress on the cigarette lighter power cable connection at the Nuvi.

I doubt this will help but you can give it a try,
Turn the Nuvi on and get to the main screen, once there connect the Nuvi to the PC and ever so gently wiggle the cable at the USB connector on the Nuvi.
Watch the Nuvi screen and see if the computer icon appears even for a brief moment. If it does, then the connection is bad attaching the port to the main board. If it does not, it still can be the problem and wiggling the cable will not help.

Regarding a map update all is not lost IF YOU HAVE A BACKUP of you GarminDevice.xlm file. You can use alandb's cloning method and put the map on an sd card. Instructions are here:

Make sure you create a "Map" (capital M-small case a & p) folder on you SD card and move the files there after renaming them.

After you boot up enter your Map Info page and uncheck the old map if present, and verify the new map is there.

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Many Thanks

Many thanks for everything. I will try that solution but have since ordered another Nuvi 2597. If I can't get this to work, I am not out since I was planning on replacing it in the near future anyway, just not so soon. Thanks again.