Find Product and Unlock codes for your maps


Find Product and Unlock codes for your maps

Login into your account by going to
and entering your username and password

In the Garmin screen that appears, click on the link "Manage Maps" which appears in the center of the screen under the heading "myMaps" or click the Tab "myMaps"

The myMaps page will appear and should contain the devices that you have registered. Next to each device (in the center of the that device area) will appear a link to "Details"

Clicking the "Details" link for the device for which you want information will give you a screen that has several sections:
Map Downloads
Map Updates
Installed Maps

Note that right under "Manage Maps: in the top left of the page is a drop down box that contains the device you selected with some additional information. In parenthesis next to the device is the serial number (S/N). Several inches over to the right is the Unit Id for the device.

The Map Downloads section has all of the maps that you can download.

The Map Updates does something - I am just not sure what.

The Installed Maps section will show all of the maps you have installed for this device. Each maps details will look like:

City Navigator North America NT 2014.30 - Map+P, Oct 13
Date Unlocked: January 13, 2014

I take "Oct 13" to mean that the map was released on Oct 13, 2013 and successfully downloaded it on January 13, 2014.

The "Code" is what might be needed if MapUpdater asks for a "Product Code"
The "Unlock Code" might be needed in, say, Basecamp.