Chilling ...

While this trend is not new, I myself have largely resisted from posting opinions/reviews of known products & vendors used and often discussed on these pages. Which of course is too bad, since I own, and rarely leave home w/o my GPS instruments. I could have many positive things to say about a few items, but not w/o reservations, and not w/o a direct query.

of course, as always, YMMV. rolleyes

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Shot themselves in the foot

An update today says Mediabridge Products Amazon account is suspended. The Streisand effect is going really strong right now at Amazon:

The word has spread and there's a barrage of 1-star reviews mentioning "threat".

Appropriate for Amazon to respond ...

.. since Amazon actively solicits not only reviews of products purchased by its customers, but is some cases even technical advice for those posing on line questions about items they are selling. They are hardly the only practitioner of this new form of business practice ... whatever they or others choose to call it.

I think it would be unfortunate for a thread such as this to turn into Amazon bashing per se. The whole matter of product reviews of retailers, products, restaurants, service providers etc, has become suspect. Stories recently have surfaced that positive reviews are available for a price, some written continents away. It is also becoming apparent that some negative reviews can be equally suspect.

I titled this thread "Chilling ..." As far as I am concerned anyone can take it in any direction they wish, paranoid or chilled not! rolleyes ... wink

Probably just a bluff

I agree it's intimidating, but the threat to sue is most likely just a bluff. It's very expensive to sue somebody, and damages would be hard to prove. If the review is legitimate, I wouldn't take it down.

Amazon reviews have been extremely helpful to me in making purchasing decisions, but I don't assume any review, whether positive or negative, is going to reflect my likely result with a product. I've learned to evaluate the reviews carefully. Here's a good article on how to read between the lines of Amazon reviews and smoke out some of the fake ones:

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