CAMERAS ALERTS FOR CAR GPS (Toyota nav system)


I have a Toyota RAV4 2014 with navigation system. I would like to upload the red light and speed cameras alerts into the car gps.
How Can I do that?
Thank you so much for any help in this matter.

I do not want any ticket

the first place to check

The first place to check to see if it can be done is the owner's manual that came with your vehicle. It should tell you if you can add custom files and alerts to your unit. The second place to go would be to the dealer and see if they could answer your question and show you the procedure. I would go with the latest file on a flash drive just in case it can be done.

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I'd like to know too

I'd like to know if that's possible. From my experience, I don't think that's possible.

I am going to contact the

I am going to contact the dealer to check if they have this option available and will let you know. Thank you.

I do not want any ticket

Prius NO

My Prius has a built in GPS and unless your system is different, there is no way to load such POI's as traffic and speed for there is no connection between the USB and the unit. The unit only reads the information from a DVD which must be in the unit for it to work.

The new toyota nav systems

The new toyota nav systems use a microSD card for data.
I have been given the std mktg. pitch by Toyota that the reason you don't have download access to the update file is bc they think ppl would rather have the dealer update it and there is no cost to it EXCEPT what the dealer might chg to do it-and they may chg nothing.
Read what u want into that and tell me if u talk ur dealer into a free upgrade.
Also the upgrade r suppose to be yearly, but I'm betting on 18 months.