The Ultimate GPS Misroute!

I can picture the GPS on the dash of the submerged truck saying "Recalculating"...."Recalculating"!


How about - "arriving at your destination."

Garmin Drive Smart 61 NA LMT-S

Not so bad but....................

Rather than tell me to turn around where I could, my GPS sent me on a 57 mile excursion along roads that I could not turn around on as I was pulling a trailer. Way to narrow and too many tight turns, so I had to keep going. All it had to do was recalculate and send me left to a short loop. but it decided to send me right. By the time we got the map out, it was too late.

Elliott & Vicky Coast of Maine

That explains it !

This happened in West Virginia at 11pm, 'nough said !

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