Garmin Express Operability


Just curious...Does your Garmin express notify you in any manner that an update is available? None of my GE versions ever have. To me, that kind of defeats the purpose of having a program always running in the background. I have to open the program from the taskbar to see if updates are available. When updates are available (such as new maps), GE doesn't download the update in the background as I have selected. GE waits for me to tell it to begin the download. Lastly, with the option of " Automatically update GE when new version is available" selected, I have yet to see GE actually update itself yet (and the Good Lord knows how many opportunities Garmin has given us for auto-updates to occur). Are your experiences with GE the same?

P.S. Garmin Customer service, as of yesterday, (28 FEB 2014)didn't know GE had an option telling itself to auto-update the program or settings to download updates in the background!!!

face it

Garmin Express is broken. They may get it fixed at some point in the future, but until they enact some discipline and controls in their software development, it will be a very slow fix,

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If It Wasn't Unbroken, It Could Never Be Broken

Box Car wrote:

Garmin Express is broken.

It was never right to begin with.

I have a Garmin Montana, considered an outdoor product. The Garmin mygarmin facility tells me to use GE to manage the Montana. GE doesn't work with the Montana. Garmin support tells me that GE is not to be used with the outdoor products. Go figure.

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It is very silly that it

It is very silly that it doesn't make that simple notification. Thats why I don't allow it to run in the backround. I just wait for someone here to mention that there is an update and then I download and install.