Streets & Trips 2013 - Route


I created a route in the above mentioned program and exported it to my computer as a ".gpx" file.

However when I try to import this file into BaseCamp, I keep getting "Error".

The saved gpx file can be converted to a KML file and imported into Google Earth.

Can someone supply the steps and software links to enable the gpx file to be imported into BaseCamp and then my Garmin Nuvi 2595.


Try Opening in Extra POI Editor

I made a quick file using S&T 2013 and opened with EPE, with no problems. I also got the error when opening in Basecamp. I did not rry loading to my NUVI2555. Have you tried loading to your GPS?

I did notice one thing that may or may not be an issue. The address of the test sites, showed up in the description, not in the address portion. However, the coordinates are in their proper places.

Try a opening small S&T test file, in EPE, and move the address, to it's proper locations and then load. I can't see that as an issue, though. I have created files in the past, with EPE, using only coordinates and very little or no address info.


Address Is The Problem

I just got in from cleaning some of the ice off our driveway and figured that I'd play around.

I moved the address around to where it belongs and I was then able to import into Basecamp.

If you don't have Extra POI Editor, I would recommend that you do so. It makes trouble shooting this sort of thing easier.