Monthly Products Recommendations (August 2013)


Rather than having multiple threads, like these:

We thought we would merge the monthly GPS Deals/ Bargains and add recommendations.

Please feel free to share any legitimate recommendations for products that might be helpful to our user community.

Remember, sharing is caring!


*Thanks to Canuk for the suggestion.

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TomTom Via 1535TM - $119.95 @ Costco thru 9/1/2013

Costco is offering the TomTom Via 1535TM (Lifetime Traffic & Map updates) at an additional $30 off their already discounted price of $149.95. That's $80 off list and $60 off what most other discounters offer it at. In store or on-line at...

Groupon - nuvi 2555LMT

A 3-day deal on a nuvi 2555LMT refurb for $109.99 shipped (and free return shipping if returned)