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I like to walk around with my nuvi 350 while on vacation. Recently I found it wouldn't hold a charge after a 5 hour drive. Later that day I plugged the gps into wall charger overnight. In the morning the gps said 100% charged, a few minutes later the display shut off. When I restarted unit charge was 1 bar. This gps served me well, so I planned to replace the battery.

I found that website provided the battery, tools, and even gave me 4 AA batteries for placing an order, all at a reasonable price, much cheaper than website. No tax or shipping cost.

I placed the order Friday night, July 5th, regular shipping. The order shipped Monday July 8th from Wyoming and arrived at my home near Philadelphia tonight July 10th.

As you know the nuvi 350 battery change is somewhat difficult, it tool me about 20 minutes for my first time. Reinstalling the antenna cable was a bit tricky for me resulting in having to open the unit a second time to correctly make the connection. I buzzed around the neighborhood following nearby picks. The gps commanded me to my satisfaction. The unit is now charging.

I want to thank CraigW for providing the webpage links.

I still use a Nuvi

I still use a Nuvi 350.
Thanks for the recommendation on where to get a battery.


Garmin needs batt

My 1990's first generation Garmin 65 has a failing (ed) internal battery, and isn't supported by Garmin any longer.

I'm going to give BatteryShip a shot at helping me bring my trusty 65 back to life. It's all wired in, and while upgrading to a new GPS is the right thing to do, re-doing all the cable would take 3 or 4 days.