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TomTom does not show up as a traditional external drive on my Mac like the PC. You can't see any folders to copy files to. The Mac shows an icon for TomTom, but no folders or files associated under "applications" under TomTom.

How do I copy your databases to a TomTom with a Mac?

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What Model?

What model of TomTom are you using?

The TomTom model is VIA

The TomTom model is VIA 1530.

OS X 10.8.4 (Mountain Lion) running on a MacBook Pro.



Trooper-D wrote:

The TomTom model is VIA 1530.

Your unit is one of the post-Microsoft-lawsuit models that cannot be accessed as a "disk drive" when you connect it to a computer (any computer, Mac or Windows). You will have to use the "MyTomTom" software to manage the third-party POI files on your device.

Ok thanks.

Ok thanks.