"learn" tab


To make it easier for newcomers to find the reference materials at POI Factory, we've created a new "learn" tab in the top navigation. This area will include tutorials and frequently asked questions, grouped into major subject areas.

Along with the new "learn" tab, we are adding a dropdown list to each FAQ page that indicates which reference section(s) should link to the material. The major reference sections will include:

- Discussion Forums
- Sharing & Maintaining Files
- User Accounts

- Garmin Nav Systems
- Magellan Nav Systems
- Rand McNally Nav Systems
- TomTom Nav Systems

I expect it will take a day or two to move all of the pages to the new section.

Note: Updating pages to move them into the new area will cause them to show on the recent posts list. This will taper off as we complete the migration.

Jonathan (aka JM)

Thanks Jon!

Thanks Jon

dobs108 smile

great addition


Nuvi 2460LMT.


Making it easier to find basic information is NEVER a bad thing! Thanks.


JM, we appreciate your efforts!

Nice work

Nice work