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Does anyone have a suggestion for a mobile hotspot provider that isn't on a full service monthly basis or isn't using the Sprint Network for their service? The best one I found was TruConnect but it uses the Sprint Network. I have been a Sprint user for years but not impressed with their coverage.

Virgin mobile--

but they use the Sprint network -- the Virgin Mobile portable hotspots are available without a contract. I've used one, and in the Silicon Valley their coverage is not too bad.

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Check out the Verizon Jetpack

I purchased the Verizon Jetpack Prepaid mobile hotspot to use on a trip from New York to Myrtle Beach and it worked perfectly, never lost connection the entire trip. The kids used the internet on their mobile devices in the car and never had any issues. You have to purchase the device up front, then Verizon activated it for free, then you purchase a plan by the week or by the month, only when you need it. I have AT&T phone service, but in certain areas I visit, I don't get good service, but Verizon customers do in those areas, that is why I decided to go with Verizon, and I am very satisfied with them so far. Here is the website to the Verizon Jetpack for you to check out. Good Luck.


Mobile Hotspots


Ever heard of

Ever heard of Freedompop?

The bad: they use Sprint network and Clearwire WiMax network
The good: they are free (limit up to 500MB/month for mobile wireless) or affordable

You pay for the device. They offer paid subscriptions too and of course your data cap is in the GB if you pay.

u can try T Mobile thay have

u can try T Mobile thay have a 5g Internet for 30$ a month plan no construct ,but u wood of to a phone with wifi capability like the sidekick and use it as a hotpot


For Canadians

I live in Ontario and is the most gb data for the dollar.


It seems like a rip-off no matter how you slice it, i.e. one has to pay one way or another....perhaps grandfathered in a VZW unlimited 4G plan with hotpspot turned on is the biggest bang for buck (true unlimited and Verizon LTE).

But I've heard about this one, I believe their network is Sprint

There is also Cricket

There is also Cricket Wireless:
but they do use Sprint in some areas.

Walmart T-Mobile

Walmart has an exclusive deal with T-Mobile for a no contract 4G data plan. $35 for 3.5 GB or two months, whichever comes first. The standard T-Mobile deal is for one month of service. You can skip up to 12 months if you don't need consecutive service, and still keep your account active. Just start paying again when you need it.

T-Mobile's coverage map is not as good as Verizon, but it is way better than the Sprint based services. The T-Mobile service is about 1/2 the cost of Verizon, so if the coverage map works, it's a good deal. I have been pleased with the service.