Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of May 06, 2013


This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


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Is this #1 or 2


If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem quickly resembles a nail. (Maslow's Hammer)

Best of the week to all!!!!

Best of the week to all!!!!

April Showers...

... Have brought May Flowers!

Enjoy the week,



early this week smile Good Morning

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

Good day #5

Nice weather, hope it doesn't get cold again...

Mary, Nuvi 2450, Garmin Viago, Honda Navigation, Nuvi 750 (gave to son)

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

Ride and Have Fun! Nuvi 765T and Nuvi 3590LMT

Last week was I thought

Last week was I thought rather slow for the site. It must be because of the weather. smile

Hopefully this week is better.

"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." --Douglas Adams

have a great week everyone

have a great week everyone

nuvi 2460LMT


What a nice day today.

1490LMT 1450LMT 295w

A new week, another fun one.

A new week, another fun one.


We got last week is mostly melted... grin

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Have a great

week everybody, stay safe!



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Have a good week!!!

Get ready for warmer weather.

Good Morning everyone

Have a great day!!!

(and repeat every 24 hours)

Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

Good Day

BE Safe, have a great week.

good weather . . .

is sticking around still in western PA! Got a nice crop of dandelions in the yard.

Winston Churchill said, “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing, after exhausting all other possibilities.”

back to the 60's again this

back to the 60's again this week

nuvi 2597LMT

Hot hot weather.

Hot hot weather.

Did you know that...

*The Us Shreds 7,000 Tons Of Worn Out Currency Each Year

*Moisture (Not Air) Causes Super Glue To Dry

*Americans Spend $10 Million A Day On Potato Chips

*Artificial Christmas Trees Have Outsold Real Ones Every Year Since 1991

*70% Of All Irish Barley Grown Goes Towards The Production Of Guinness Beer

*There Are 1,929,770,126,028,800 Different Color Combinations Possible On A Rubik's Cube

*All Of The Cobble Stones Used To Line The Streets In New York Were Originally Stones Found In The Hulls Of Belgian Ships Ballast

*A Chinese Checkerboard Has 121 Holes

*Britain Was The First Country To Use Postage Stamps

*The Average Person Will Consume 100 Tons Of Food And 45,424 Liters (12,000 Gallons) Of Water In Their Lifetime

*A Deck Of Cards Should Be Shuffled At Least 7 Times Before Playing

*The Side Of A Hammer Is Called A Cheek

*32% Of All Land In The U.S. Is Owned By The Government

*Pinocchio Is Italian For 'Pine Head'

*The Letter W Is The Only Letter In The Alphabet That Has 3 Syllables (All Others Have 1)

*The Longest Word That Can Be Typed Using Only Our Right Hand Is 'Lollipop'

*1 Out Of Every 8 Letters Written Is An E

*People Who Work At Night Tend To Weigh More

*You Can Only See A Rainbow If Have Your Back To The Sun

*The Oldest Exposed Surface On Earth Is New Zealand's South Island

*45,000 Thunderstorms Around The World Occur Every Day

*Most Of The Vitamin C Found In Fruits Is In The Skin

*Elvis Presley Made Only 1 Television Commercial

*You Can Buy Square Watermelons In Japan (Developed To Stack Better In Supermarkets)

*The Typical Wave Height From Pacific Tsunami Is Between 6 - 9 Metres

*Diet Coke Was Introduced In 1982

*The Word 'Lethologica' Describes The State Of Not Being Able To Remember The Word You Want

*Everyday, More Money Is Printed For Monopoly Sets Than For The U.S. Treasury

*Wearing Headphones For Just An Hour Will Increase The Bacteria In Your Ear By 700 Times

*55% Of All Movies Are Rated R

*There Are 2 Chickens For Every Person

*80% Of Burglaries Are Committed By People Aged 13-21

*Half Of All Crimes Are Committed By People Under The Age Of 18

*Half Of All Crimes Are Committed By People Under The Age Of 18

*Shakespeare Invented The Words 'Assassination' And 'Bump'

*There Are A Million Ants For Every Person On Earth

*Over 100 People Choke To Death On Ballpoint Pens Each Year

*40% Of Mcdonald’s Profits Come From The Sales Of Happy Meals

*New Born Babies Have 350 Bones (By Age 5 The Amount Of Bones Merges To 206)

*There Is No Proof As To Who Built The Taj Mahal

*The Sixth Sick Sheik’s Sixth Sheep’s Sick' Is Said To Be The Toughest Tongue Twister

*That In The 17th Century The Value Of Pi Was Known To 35 Decimal Places (Today To 1.2411 Trillion)

*Tiger Woods' Real First Name Is Eldrick

*You Use 72 Different Muscles While Speaking

*Coconuts Kill Over 150 People Each Year (More Than Sharks)

*It Took Leonardo Da Vinci 10 Years To Paint Mona Lisa

*The Most Common Disease Is Tooth Decay

*Avocados Have The Most Calories Of Any Other Fruit

Bobkz - Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD/2455LMT/C530/C580- "Pain Is Fear Leaving The Body - Semper Fidelis"

Good Day All

Number 20 on Monday! Hooray! wink

Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! In Memoriam: #77 NYPD-SCA/Seattle Mike/Joe S./Vinny D./RTC!


Have a great week everyone.

The Best

The best of weeks to you all.

Take that GPS & head somewhere new.
Explore a back road. Find a new route.
Have fun.


A Wet Monday For Everyone Here... low-cal So-Cal.

The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe(')

These are the "days of our lives..."

...and other tautologies exclaim

Rainy... in SW Ohio. Hope everyone has a great week.

With God, all things are possible. ——State motto of the Great State of Ohio

Have a great week.


Garmin Nüvi 265W

Wishing all a great week!

Have a great week everyone!

Garmin nüvi 3597LMTHD, 3760 LMT, & 255LMT, - "Those who wish for fairness without first protecting freedom will end up with neither freedom nor fairness." - Milton Friedman


broke down on interstate without a cellphone yesterday. bad news bears.

A good week

At least we aren't looking at 5 plus inches of this week like we got last week !

Hope everyone has a GREAT & safe week !

MrKenFL- "Money can't buy you happiness .. But it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery." NUVI 260, Nuvi 1490LMT & Nuvi 2595LMT all with 2014.4 maps !

Cooler in the Valley

Phoenix is cooling to the 80 this week!
Good deal.

Still on Page 1?

Yep... Have a great week everyone.

Randy C530, Nuvi 52

Have a great week!

b safe out there!

Happy Monday

In the 70's for most of the week, I hope.
Have a great week!

Garmin Nuvi 765T, Garmin Drive 60LM

Happy Monday

Have a great week!

late start today.

late start today.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. MapFactor - Offline Maps & GPS.

the sun is finally out

the sun is finally out

Great Week

I am going to enjoy the last couple of days of my 60th year......hopefully 61 will be as good as the last 60!

windmill post.

windmill post.

Hello all

Have a great week

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#41 shock




Hope everyone has a great week. arrow grin

Garmin nuvi,750

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Super Glue

Quote "Moisture (Not Air) Causes Super Glue To Dry" now I understand why it does not work well in Arizona.

Sun is Out

Just took the dune buggy for a spin in this very hot weather.FUN!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Nuvi 755T,1350(2),265W,3760,2595(2),42,250,2555

There's A Solution For That

You can spray an activator that makes it cure quickly.

rchicago wrote:

Quote "Moisture (Not Air) Causes Super Glue To Dry" now I understand why it does not work well in Arizona.

have a great week

have a great week poi-factory, stay safe out there. wink

garmin nuvi,750 ***3ʇǝʞɔɐɾpǝɹ*** garmin nuvi,855 garmin nuvi,1490t

Have fun...

Have fun...

Hope everyone has a great

Hope everyone has a great week.

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