Garmin 3790T Half of Screen Not Working


I have a 3790T Garmin. The other day it fell off the windshield and I went to grab it and it fell on the dash. Now the left half of the screen is not working. I have done everything Garmin told me to do to recalibrate the screen and it is not working. I even did the hard reset and still nothing. Any ideas?

It's probably toast. I

It's probably toast. I always wet the rubber cup before mounting it on the windshield. Makes a tighter fit & less likely to fall off.


It's a goner

That sounds like a hardware issue due to the fall. The 3790 is the most fragile nüvi ever made. Newer models that are equivalent, such as the new 3592 are much more robust.

Garmin may be willing to send you a replacement, for a fee. When I broke my 3790 I was sent another one for $150 but had to return the broken one first.

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Sorry to hear about the nuvi

Sorry to hear about the nuvi falling off the window. After happening to me, switched to the beanbag mount. Now when the suction cup releases, nuvi doesn't fall so far.

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I also gave up on suction

I have a couple of 3790LMTs in the family, and they run on beanbag mounts, unless I decide to pack light on a trip and just take the suction cup.

For the first few weeks I used the suction cup happily, had no trouble, and wondered that people commented on the falling off trouble. Then I found my unit lying on the dashboard or fallen further than that a couple of times, and had it fall in my presence a couple of times, and found that even with more careful cleaning of the surfaces and wetting just before mounting, I got a higher fall rate than I wanted.

As it happens both my wife and I like the sight position available in our cars with the beanbag quite well. A lot depends on the shape of your dashboard top surface, and your own position preferences.

To the original poster, I do think it likely your unit is history. If you have not already, I suggest backing it up promptly just in case the behavior worsens. For the longest time WalMart carried the refurb 3790LMT for not much over $150, but right now their price for that is almost $300, and I only spot a few non major name sellers under $200. If Garmin will trade you a refurb for $150, that is probably about as well as you are going to do.

The 3790LMT display is habit-forming. If you decide to replace it, be sure to evaluate the proposed replacement display. I recently ran for a week on my trusty old 855 while my 3790 cable was in for replacement, and the display, which seemed good enough when it was my main unit, was shockingly pale, lacking in detail and contrast, and must more easily washed out by the sun. My impression is that even this long after the 3790 came out, very few Garmin units have comparable displays.

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