Google Glass -- your car is the killer app


A story over in Wired that I think nails it--

Your car is the killer app for Google Glass -- not only for gps/nav, but extending into other aspects.

How about linking in OBDII data? Telling you to lose the teenage lead-foot on the accelerator and get better mileage?

Or using the built-in accelerometer to sense when your head nods a bit, and it tells you to wake the hell up?

...Or using the accelerometer and going "Wheeee!" as you accelerate through the twisties... Integrating with my Valentine One radar detector to display band, direction, and signal strength... Putting up reticles and signaling target acquisition and lock (wait -- wrong app)...

I think an app that integrates GPS/Nav, accelerometer, and car systems to mark projected braking points and apex points on the road ahead would be nice...

After reading this short article, I have to agree -- I've wanted a heads-up-display in my car for decades.

And with Google Glass, I can have one, and what's even better,

it will be independent of the damn car manufacturers, who, just like the phone companies do with smart phones, want to make things smell like them, by blocking features and layering on their own crap...

(take a deep breath, calm down -- it's Friday...)

iPhone shouldn't scare Garmin and TomTom.

Google Glass should.

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+1 for HUD

Thanks for the link. I, too, have often thought that HUD technology had the potential for making driving/riding safer and more enjoyable. If it's good enough for fighter pilots then I'd be willing to give it a try!