Chrysler | Installing custom POIs onto Media Center 430N


I went to load POI's onto my Ram 2500's radio, which is the 430N. This is not a Garmin GPS, but, it does use Garmin's software. Custom POI's are supported, but, the instructions on how to do so are a bit lacking, specifically with regards to naming & POI file selection. So I'm writing this.

  1. Create a folder on your computer to hold POI & related files. (Using 'Poi' as the folder name is highly recommended.)
  2. Download and save POI files to this folder.
  3. Insert USB drive (FAT32 formatted) into computer.
  4. On USB drive, create 'Garmin' folder
  5. Inside of Garmin folder, create 'Poi' folder.
  6. Start Garmin POI Loader application (I use a Mac, but, windows will be the similar).
  7. Select to 'Load new custom POI'
  8. Click 'Continue'
  9. Select the folder from step 1. Do NOT select an individual POI file.
  10. Click 'Continue'
  11. The Destination should have your USB device selected. If not, select it.
  12. The file name of the file to write MUST be Poi.gpi. If you name the folder from step 1 Poi, this will be the default name already.
  13. Click 'Continue'
  14. The program should write to your USB, and show a confirmation dialog with the total number of POI's written (not POI files, but individual POI's).
  15. Eject USB.
  16. In your vehicle, turn on to accessory.
  17. Once the startup screen goes away, insert USB into the USB port on face of radio (the second USB port in the glove box - if so equipped - does not work for this).
  18. After a bit, you will see a popup saying that new custom POI's are available to install.
  19. Click the install button, and confirm to over-write installed POI's (installing new POI's always overwrites existing ones).
  20. After a bit, you will see a dialog showing the install.
  21. You will see a popup on the radio stating the install was successful.
  22. The Garmin app will restart.
  23. Remove USB.

I have installed eight custom POI files this way.

I'm going to test alerts, sounds, and custom icons next. I'll update this once I do.

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