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Does anyone know how to track a tomtom gps in real time.

With nothing more than the GPS itself?

fgl1214 wrote:

Does anyone know how to track a tomtom gps in real time.

I'm not sure that I understand what you desire. Are you talking about getting - or sending - a signal from the GPS so someone at a remote location can see the position of the GPS?

If that is the case, I cannot see how this could be done with nothing more than the GPS itself. This would require some means of sending a signal from the GPS and I don't recall any models that have such capability.

If you were to connect your GPS to a cell phone via bluetooth, then it might be possible if you had the necessary software. Also, if you were using the Android or iPhone TomTom app, it would probably be possible if you had the necessary software - but I am not familiar with any such software.

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TomTom is receive only

A TomTom is receive only, it doesn't transmit anything. So it can't be tracked remotely. You should be able to load the track logs into a computer at a later time, but that's a different issue.

You seem to asking about how to track something in real time from a remote location. There are a few options for that, although all involve some cost.

There are specialized tracking devices that work over the cell phone system that let you get position reports. However, if using this in the USA be very careful that what you buy will actually work here, our very fragmented (and very expensive) cell phone system makes it hard to just buy something and use it on your choice of carriers. In much of the rest of the world this is much simpler and cheaper.

There are smart phone apps that can let you do this, so using a smart phone may be an option, but again this can get pretty expensive with the monthly charges for voice and data, particularly if you are using it only for tracking.

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator or willing to study a little and take a simple test to become one, you can operate a tracking radio transmitter that can be tracked over most of the country pretty easily. The license itself is free but there is a modest charge to take the test. The equipment to do this would cost similar to the costs of some smart phones (in the hundreds of dollars) but there would be no additional air time or other on-going costs (making it far less expensive in the long run). You would have to be doing this for non-commercial purposes to do this with an amateur radio license (no tracking of your company owned trucks, for example). If you are interested in this approach, start by doing Google searches on "TinyTrack" and "APRS".