Multi-stop Navigation on Android with Google Maps


Motorcycle riders plan day rides over specific roads with multiple Waypoints(stops). I use a Garmin GPS. Other rider friends of mine want to use their Android (or iPhone) with Google Maps.

I made a simple route on my PC in Google Maps and saved it to My Places, home to the post office to Blockbusters. Now I opened Maps Google Maps) on my Android, and went to My Places and loaded that route. I can't get off ground zero in Navigating this route. Home is slightl;y different between the GPSr and the Google location for my street address. The route tries to get me to home and doesn't succeed. I see no way to continue beyond that to the Post Office or Blockbusters.

Is the Google Maps merely an implementation of a cheap GPS that doesn't do routing? Or am I not finding the method to select how to continue a route beyond the first Waypoint, "From: Home" in my case.

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Google Navigation Does Not Support Waypoints

With Google Maps you can only navigate to your destination.

A route with multiple waypoints is not currently supported.

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Since you have it started

just out of curiosity, try it with the "home" point removed. Therefore if it does happen to work, it will try to bring you to the post office first.
But I think WAAsup is right, and multi-point is not supported by android.

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