Contributors of the Week 2013-1-14


This week we are recognizing spokybob for his post in the organizing folders thread.

We are a diverse group of users and it was great to see all the members who stuck with the OP in working through the issue.

Spokybob’s gentle reminder to be polite was appropriate and well timed.

Thanks for the excellent example, spokybob!


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Congrats spokybob

Congrats spokybob

All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players. Rush

As always

Well done Spokybob and keep up the good work smile

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Well done, sir!

Good work!

Good job.

Away to go Spokybob. Nice work for your contributions to the POI Factory family.

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Well deserved...

congratulations spokybob.

Always good to see you back in the pasture.

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Way to Go

Congrat spokybob

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congrats to


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Congrats spokybob!

Congrats spokybob!

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Congrats...good work

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Enjoy your COW Spokybob!

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Good Job !

Well done and well deserved.


Congrats spokybob!!!!

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You deserve it usual


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Good work! I am glad the

Good work! I am glad the pressure is now off.
We will be watching! smile

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Adding my congrats!

Thanks and congrats Spokybob!

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Thank You

Thank You for your hard work

Congrats Spokybob

Keep up the gentle work! Enjoy your week in the familiar pasture.


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Recognizing spokybob

Congratulations spokybob,Well deserved keep up the great work. grin

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Congrats spokybob. Well done.

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Well done. Thanks!



Always a gentleman. Thanks, spokybob!


Thank you for all the help you're giving to this community!

Congrats spokybob!

Thank you for your contributions here and kudos on your COW award! smile


Spokeybob You deserve a couple of MOO MOOs

I may have my user name and password confused or switched! Can I get confimation of my user name????

Thanks for your comments


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Good ol spolybob

Thanks for all the great help smile

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