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This discussion group is for the Tucson Arizona attractions (CSV Format) POI project file. Please report any coordinate/address corrections and or updates, closings, etc. Also, feel free to provide comments about the POI. You may also email any changes directly to the Project Lead (which currently is me).

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POI Files

Vince Nuvi 350

Tital Missle Museum

from google latitude longitude altitude
decimal 31.903128 -110.999068
deg-min-sec 31° 54' 11.2608" -110° 59' 56.6448"

from tamu latitude longitude altitude
decimal 31.9031294878246 -110.999069115248
deg-min-sec 31° 54' 11.2662" -110° 59' 56.6488"
1580 W DUVAL MINE RD Green Valley AZ

from yahoo latitude longitude altitude
decimal 31.898862 -110.99863
deg-min-sec 31° 53' 55.9032" -110° 59' 55.068"
1580 W Duval Mine Rd, Green Valley, Arizona 85614

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Locked file?

"You are not authorized to access this page. " for the URL you list under POI files.

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Me, Neither

dave817 is not alone. I can't access the URL either.

File hasn't been processed

dave817 wrote:

"You are not authorized to access this page. " for the URL you list under POI files.

The file has to go through a moderation queue where it is approved. VinceCANuvi often starts his comment threads before the file has been approved and posted.

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Already available

A number of Tucson and Southern Arizona POIs can be found off the original discussion page here:


I build my POI files as GPX. Please feel free to convert any of them to CSV for personal use.

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