how do i convert a file to csv so i can download to rand mcnally 510

Use EPE This will do the trick. That home page is from a member of this community & it can change almost anything to that file csv.


phillipj1 wrote:

how do i convert a file to csv so I can download to rand mcnally 510

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First off, have you checked to see if a CSV version of that file is available? A lot of them are available as both GPX and CSV.

Secondly, why not put a little information about yourself in your user profile? You access this by selecting My Account on the top left. It helps us help you if we know a little about where you are and some of your experience with GPS units in general.

Bobinot suggestion about using Extra_POI)Editor or EPE for short can be little daunting at first because the program is very powerful and there are some quirks to both setting it up and using it effectively. Start with reading the FAQs and help guides on the program. They will lead you through troubleshooting installation problems and how to set up your preferences. Many of us here are "Power Users" with a lot of experience in setting up and using the program.

Some other programs that can convert files include GPS Babel. I have never used this particular program and I understand the results can be mixed.

The POI files on this site are primarily for GARMIN units and take advantage of some of the features found in those units and the POI loading software Garmin provides. That doesn't mean they won't work in other units, it just helps explain why one unit may accept a CSV file while one from another manufacturer doesn't.

So, enjoy yourself and your unit. Stick around and join the discussions. We do need uses of other units to help answer questions.

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