Help Me Select A Rugged Smartphone Suitable For GPS


While this might not be the most appropriate forum to help select a smartphone, I respect the members opinions here immensely. I am in the market for a rugged smartphone. I will use this rugged smartphone for GPS as well as other applications. I hope that Garmin StreetPilot For Android is available soon, but if not I will go for TomTom For Android.

Anyway, I am sort of focused on two particular rugged smartphone. They are as follows:

-Caterpillar CAT B10

-Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro

The details of them are here:

At this point I think I am inclined to lean towards the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro because it has a 4.0 inch screen vs. a 3.2 inch screen and it is Android 4.0 vs. Android 2.3.5.

As I compare the features, I am most interested in how much better Android 4.0 is vs. Android 2.3.5. I have a Garminfone now and it is just Android 2.1. I guess I am sort of looking to hear some anecdotal evidence to affirm my choice of the Samsung or tell me why the Cat B10 might be better.

Rugby Pro: excellent Call quality and battery life


Rugby Pro: excellent Call quality and battery life

Rugby Pro is one of the very best for Call quality and battery life, and also has a very fast processor. I doubt that the CAT B10 phone measures up as well in those areas, and unless it's been tested by CNet, you may have no good way to compare it to the others.

" quality was amazing. Crystal clarity meant there was no background noise whatsoever, and I didn't detect any vocal distortion."

"...the Rugby Pro has a rated battery life of 11 hours and 12 days of standby time on its 1,850mAh battery. It lasted pretty long in my anecdotal tests as well, but in CNET lab tests, the Rugby Pro only played back video for 5.2 hours before shutting down. However, it lasted 15.9 hours in our talk test."

"The Rugby Pro's 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960, is also tremendously fast. Navigating around took very little lag time, and gameplay was strong."

Looks like the CAT B10 (which I had never heard of before) is more expensive, has lower performance, and probably more rugged: