Let me start by saying I don't work for FreedomPop and I get nothing by posting this.

Has anyone heard of FreedomPop? They're new mobile internet service provider founded in 2011 and backed by Skype co-founder. FreedomPop uses ClearWire (WiMax) network. They're currently in Beta.

Here's what I've learned so far:
- Free internet service for 500MB/month with options to purchase more MBs

- Refundable security deposit for either a USB stick ($49) or 2 different kinds of WiFi hotspot devices ($99) that connects up to 8 devices

This looks very tempting for those who have smartphones without data plan or those who need mobile internet connection every now and then. All you gotta do is spend $99 for the WiFi device + shipping. The rest is free as long as you maintain your internet usage under 500MB/month.

The following link is worth reading if you're considering this service:

Pay attention to the pros and cons at the bottom of the page.

Free is good

Very interesting. I like free. But it sounds challenging. I used to fly Allegiant Air and you had to watch like a hawk when when buying your ticket online. By default they would add a bunch of extra charges to the ticket. If you caught all of their tricks you could get a decent price for a ticket, if not it wasn't such a great deal.

Jim F.

If you can wait, The new

If you can wait, The new hotspot will have LTE added. It's due to come out shortly!