has the apple fallen off the tree?


In the last two days the stock market has gone south, but has anyone noticed the drop in Apple stock that started soon after the mini iPad was released?

I need advice sell/hold/buy?

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Or Sometimes Both

Well, Surface has been a disappointment. I was expecting much better reception from the loyal Microsoft crowd, but that just doesn't seem to be happening. The product, and a new one at that, is just not compelling people to buy it. Call it what you want: bad expectations, bad product, or both. Has Microsoft lost its mojo? If it was great product, it should be doing much better. But it doesn't make the news except to report it isn't meeting expectations. Any news about Surface2?

The i5 however, a few generations in, is still selling millions, and growing. People are updating and coming over to the iPlatform. The i5 is better than the i4, and selling better than the same quarter from the previous year.

How many times do you read that sales were right on target with expectations for anything? Compare that to sales that are off from expectations. Expectations are game and hype.

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There has been talk about how the i5 has been behind expectations. Well, the i5 is still doing better than previous versions, by far. So if the i5 is behind expectations, then the expectations are defective.

Is that only for iPhone expectations, or does your statement apply to tech expectations in general?

I mentioned i5 three times.

Ya, I noticed. So, in your opinion when an iProduct fails to meet expectations it's a problem with the expectations, but when any other product (like, say, a Surface tablet) fails to meet expectations it's just a bad product. Is that correct?

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It will be interesting to see what the introduction of the iTV will do to the stock price when it finally comes out. Runors are that Apple is going to shake up the film/tv industry the same way they did with the music industry. Gone will be the monopolistic pricing of cable and satellite "packages" of channels no one really wants. They will introduce the a la carte pricing similar to the iTunes and music. Of course, "they've" been hoping for the iTV for a few years now.

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The Expectations Game - Another Perspective

I agree that industry expectations vary from company to company, but I don't think it is specific to Apple. I think "pundits" take pot shots at the industry leaders at the first (imagined) sign of a slip or weakness, no matter what company is on top. It allows them to claim precognisance should the company actually stumble.

The tech industry and the stock market are extremely volatile. In my opinion, Apple will continue to be a strong performer on the market but probably won't have the accelerated growth of 3 - 5 years ago. Having said that, if I was smart enough to have Apple stock from a while back, I would hang on to it.

Apple iTV Will Be Interesting

That is the next big thing. It is not just about the hardware, it is about changing the entire media distribution model. Right now, cable companies control media distribution. And it is a near monopoly. How many cable/media options do you have at your residence? Most have only one. Things will be different when we have numerous cable/fiber options to choose from.

Millions of people are canceling cable subscriptions, I did. People are fed up with paying $185+/mo for 250 channels of which they watch only 14 channels. There have been recent reports that the decline of cable subscribers has the industry looking at abandoning the package only approach for an a la carte approach. The basis for these enormous packages was that many of the little channels would not survive since there would not be enough people that would choose to subscribe to that channel and enable it to survive. So the packages exist to collect revenue from all subscribers to support these channels that can not support themselves.

That is the challenge Apple has been up against. Right now, the cable companies are not just a conduit to carry the media, they control the media they carry. They control it by prohibiting choice and offering only these absurd packages. That is why there is so much concern of a carrier also owning content sources. The carrier can then control competition, and again the consumer will lose and pay, pay, pay.

I canceled cable and bought an antenna. Should have done it many, many, many years ago. The antenna has paid for itself many times over.

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I was under the impression that iTunes already had video content for sale. If so, then apart from negotiating deals for more content what would make the iTV so revolutionary?

I would hold. Apple has

I would hold. Apple has products that people want. Their products seem to be in more demand each year. Iphone...Ipad anyone?

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