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The "stars" program recognizes loyal users who have established a long term posting record at POI Factory. These users will receive the new “stars” badge and have greater access to create and edit content on the site. If you see the above picture next to your name when you make a post that means you have qualified for our program.

The way the “stars” program works is similar to “active users”, except that it looks back over a longer period of time (6 months vs. 5 weeks). To qualify as a “star”, you need posts in at least 9 of the last 26 weeks. Looking back over a longer period of time, the “stars” program will select users who are among the most loyal, trustworthy and knowledgeable members of our community.

Stars will have free access to the enforcement camera files. So once you’re well established on the site, you can be away for a longer period of time and still keep the same privileges as an active user.

We will probably need to do some fine-tuning as we move forward. We are excited about this new level in this already great community.

The stars will be updated at the same time as the active member badges (Monday morning).

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