California Wineries and Tasting Rooms


I am active in the California wine industry and was glad to find a POI Factory file listing our state's wineries. Trouble is, it was last updated in 2007. Upon review in 2012 I found it in need of major attention.

Over the last five years the rough economy has left us with many out of business, consolidated and/or relocated facilities. In this revamp I have tried to sort out those that remain and verify their current location.

Many remote and/or small wineries do not allow tours or visiting, but do offer tasting at an offsite facility. These offsite tasting rooms were not included in the original California Wineries POI database. In this rendition I am trying to include offsite tasting room locations along with the winery or vineyard location if available. Please respect the policy of those wineries that are not open to the general public by contacting them prior to a visit.

For those of you with a GPS capable of displaying it, the full GPX file includes street addresses, phone numbers, tasting room hours, tasting costs, eMail and WWWeb addresses (if available).

Comments and additions/corrections are encouraged.

California Wineries and Tasting Rooms (POI):


CSV & OV2 -

That must have been a lot of work!

Thanks, I'll be checking it out.

Keeping It Real

I was so frustrated with the old file and all of it's inaccuracies that I had to do something. At first I updated it for my own use, but after a bit I submitted my updates to the POI Factory.

It took hours and hours to 'validate' and update the remaining/existing wineries and their locations, but I'm striving to ensure that those listed in this database are in business at the GPS locations as shown. If you find any discrepancies or additions, let me know and I'll update the POI ASAP.


Thanks for all your hard work on this. Can you tell me if it includes the Paso Robles area?

Thank you. I 2nd the Paso

Thank you.

I 2nd the Paso Ropbles request

Central Coast Wineries

There are several Paso area wineries in the POI. The Central Coast area is the fastest growing wine region in the state. They are constantly adding and changing small family wineries. There are lots of name changes and consolidations that aren't easy to keep up with. I visit as often as I can, but welcome any information and updates from all.


a million for this. I did notice no one has touched this for quita awhile...great job!!

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