Contributors of the week 2007-05-28


This week we are recognizing Viger6, RetiredTechnician, and an honorable mention goes to Mask667.

Viger6 has been hard at work making interesting Texas files I am secretly hoping that now that he is in the same city as POI Factory he may join forces with me on the metro area;)

RetiredTechnician, You are a force to be reckoned with, you are like a tornado that just keeps plowing through this website making incredible changes that help in our growth and overall professionally presentation. We really appreciate the hard work that you do for all of us in the community.

Mask667, You are one of the new pups on the block and have already started to make a great impression on all of us and the group as a whole. It is nice to have you here.

Even though I don't give the award to JM that doesn't mean that I can't heap large amounts of praise and appreciation for everything he does for this website.

JM is the most intelligent man I have ever met, I was only 19 when we met and just a few weeks ago we celebrated the 14th anniversary of the day we met.

When we were making plans to start our own company we came up with a lot of crazy hair brained ideas. We started making websites and quickly found that it is a difficult market out there.

JM came up with the idea of this website as a way to meet the needs of both of us. I am a people person that loves to be surrounded by friends and he is a techno gadget guy that likes to have toys to play with. This community is just a big play land for both of us. It gives us the opportunity to work together on something that benefits lots of other people. I am always excited about the new ideas that he has and helps me to implement in the design and feel of our company. I am so proud of JM and the things that he brings to the rest of you. I love you so much sweetie!!!!!

We are very happy to be so appreciated by all of you guys, you have helped us fulfill a dream and have made this place a really fun place to work.

Miss Poi

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Congrats... ALL and a SPECIAL kudos to JM.

Miss POI should get 'honorable mention' for honorably mentioning that personal aspect of her life with JM! smile

Mike L.

Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! In Memoriam: #77 NYPD-SCA/Seattle Mike/Joe S./Vinny D./RTC!

Congratulations to all

Looks like we have a new badge. It was awarded to JM and Miss POI, but it is in stealth mode. lol

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2nd that motion

mkahn wrote:

Looks like we have a new badge. It was awarded to JM and Miss POI, but it is in stealth mode. lol

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Congrats to all!!!!!!

Thank you, Thank you. I

Thank you, Thank you. I hope I can keep up this up, but since its the summer I can keep up with the forum, but I have a feeling that when school starts, I may not be able to contribute as much (sorry). Thank you very much.

-Mask667**Nuvi 350**

Thank you

It's so nice to see Miss POI and JM getting mentioned as contributors of the week. Long overdue. What a job they've done. Congrats also to Viger6 and Mask667. And just to be mentioned on the same page ..... priceless!


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Congrats to all! it is everyone's hard work that makes the site great smile

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