Magellan maps


I am wondering if anyone can help me... I recently bought a second Magellan Roadmate 1700 used for my father. It happens to be over 2 years older than the newer one I bought. I had given him my older, smaller unit- the 4750. I bought it online and and thought it was a pretty good deal. I wanted to put the current map file that I have in my unit into the older unit and by accident deleted the map file that was in it. For some reason, the the older unit starts with the Magellan screen and then goes into a hanging mode with the new map file in it. Does anyone know how I can install the map file from my newer unit into the older unit. My father is now 81 and I figured him ahving the bigger gps like I have would be a big help to him.

try recuva

Try using the program RECUVA to see if you can restore the original file. You won't be able to copy maps from one unit to another as they are locked to a unit. Eve if you copied the map file, the other unit will not be able to read it.

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