Do You Use You GPS Routinely In The Car Or Only When Needed?


As posted above, I am just curious if you use you vehicle GPS all the time when driving, whether you need it or not, if you don';t even turn it on when not needed, or do you put it elsewhere when not needed? My wife drives a Dodge Grand Caravan and she completely stored the Garmin Nuvi 500 most of the time and only powers it up when needed. I, on the other hand, leave it on the dash and I even use it to navigate to places that I know how to get to without it. I just like to see it displaying the map even when I don't need it.

I suspect that members here are more inclined to be like me just becasuse we have an interest in GPS, but I am sure that there aree some that put them in storage when not needed. Maybe some people don't even keep them in the vehilce.

Anyway, how about other here?

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I use it.....

only when needed.

RKF (Bethesda, MD) Garmin Nuvi 660, 360 & Street Pilot

Mine ...

... is now on all the time since I replaced my 2508 with a DriveSmart as it does far more than simply navigate to a destination.

Where there's a will ... there's a way ... DriveSmart50LMT-D, Nuvi 2508LMT-D, 1490LMT, 1310, Montana 650T, Etrex 20

Map is always running, but

Map is always running, but only nav when needed.

All the time

Comes on whenever I start either vehicle.

><> Glenn <>< Garmin nüvi 2598

all the time

Shows me ETA and traffic. Also connected to iPhone via bluetooth for hands free operation.

Setting destination while the car is moving

Getting used to the IN CAR Navigation.

I can set a destination while the car is moving if I know about where we want to go. Our nav system lets you use the controls to move around on the screen while traveling.
I move the map to the area we want to go to select a destination.
I select the icon for the place we want to go. If there is no icon of the place we want to go then I select the closest intersection and set as destination.
Just a small way to get around setting in car navigation while driving. Of course I am the passenger not the

Mary, Nuvi 2450, Garmin Viago, Honda Navigation, Nuvi 750 (gave to son)

I have it stored in the

I have it stored in the house. Rarely use it (only during very long trips), otherwise use primarily my smartphone. With my smartphone I can say "navigate to nearest xxx (walmart, kroger, red brick tavern etc.). It's always up to date where as nuvi's take too long to add new businesses and remove closed ones as well.

It Depends .....

Usually not used for short trips but almost always for longer trips. The reason for this, is to help with detours when needed.

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To keep track of MPG and even local shopping ect, just to alert for turns and such.

Always with me,

but I only use it when I need to ... for example when driving in new areas.

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