Nominations for this weeks COW award go too....


all right everyone, you know what to do. Post those nominations here;)

Miss Poi


Ok, since no one else is jumping in, I'll go first.

I nominate JM for all his hard work in getting the Metro Project pages set up.

Second that motion

miss poi wrote:

Remember you can't nominate yourselves or any POI Factory Staff members:)

This is quoted from an earlier post; but I agree with MM. We want to nominate the ones most outstanding in contribution, whoever they are. Who else besides JM and Miss POI?


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Remember that the Poi

Remember that the Poi Factory staff are recognized and rewarded every day by the comunity, so we can't be voted for razz

This is about you guys not us.

Miss Poi


I knew that, but I think we should break the rules this week!! ;P

I second the nomination

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

I knew that, but I think we should break the rules this week!! ;P

Let's have some fun and break the rule. It is certainly warranted in this case.
A also nominate retiredtechnician for continued support on this board and especially for updating POI Verifier to match the needs of other users.

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I agree with everyone... JM,

I agree with everyone... JM, Miss POI and RT....

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See? The masses have spoken!!!

Factory Workers UNITE!!!!


Nomination for this weeks COW Award

I vote for retiredtechnician.

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