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Hi all.
We are considering doing route 66 from Chicago to La.
I am sure many ride all or part.
Lets share experiences and coordinates.
Know of a great hotel, attraction, side trip;Tell us about it. Interesting museum, restaurant not to be missed; Tell us about it. What month is best and why?
I have a refurbished 550 that came with garman's route 66 poi set any tips on how best to use it? Share some experiences on 66. We should be able to put to gather a great comprehensive file that many will access and enjoy.
http://www.poi-factory.com/node/29986 is in the file here but I don't know whats on it or how to access the infor for planning. Having address, telephone numbers, aand discriptions for would be helpfull.

To open the gpx file

You can use EPE (extra poi editor) or Easygps to look at the file. I am more familiar with EPE. It seems since these are points of interest and a lot are closed locations and things to look at then there are no phone numbers or exact address's.

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Route 66

Late May and early October are excellent months for travel. For our 2008 road trip, I purchased Drew Knowles book, "Route 66 Adventure Handbook." We visited many museums and tourist traps along the way.
Not to be missed is "The Big Texan" steak house and motel in Amarillo TX. A photo op exists at Adrian TX.-102.65947 35.27144, just off I-40. A sign proclaims "Halfway Between Chicago and Los Angeles." Fran owns the restaurant there.
Also be sure to take a picture while you stand on a corner in Winslow Arizona.

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La Posada and The Turquoise Room

spokybob wrote:

... Also be sure to take a picture while you stand on a corner in Winslow Arizona.

Any visitor to Winslow's "corner"--heck, any visitor driving I-40 past Winslow--should stop and check out the old Harvey House hotel and restaurant.

La Posada is a real gem to visit (architecture, furnishings, artwork, gardens, railroad) and a very nice hotel if you happen to need a room for the night.

The Turquoise Room restaurant is simply stunning. If you're looking for recommendations, I'll suggest The Corn Maiden for breakfast, the Signature soup, and for dessert, the Prickly Pear Bread pudding. Seasonally, anything with squash blossoms is suggested.

Route 66

Considering doing the very same next year (2014). Was thinking of going late April or early May.

Here's hoping POIs and my Garmin can help make the trip one to really remember!

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