Files reqired for making speed camera poi


Hi all

I have a garmin nuvi 710, it has a good database of speed cameras.
How do i set up a poi for a mobile camera site
I want the poi to have voice alert and icon.

I believe i will need a gpx file plus a bmp file plus an mp3 (voice alert file) if this is so how do i combine the files into a poi.


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Welcome to the site.

Since you are new, you may want to do a couple of the Beginner Exercises.

To make it easy, when you click on the first link below, hold down the "Cntl" key as you left-click. That will open a new "Tab" in your browser in the "Tab" bar. Click on that 'Tab" to do the first exercise - leaving the "Tab" you are now reading open and available to click on and return here.

The first link makes sure settings on your computer are such that you can do more advanced POI loading.

This next link helps you get a backup by attaching your GPS to your computer. (NEVER do anything to your GPS until you have a backup)