Annoying Newbie Question #4


Model - Nuvi 360

Is it possible to have the GPS record a route taken and save it to be used again.
Say if you have a passenger giving you directions to a place that you would prefer to use in the future, but are sure to forget.
Can you record to use later?



Not with the nuvis. The best thing to do would be to save waypoints along the way and then use them in the future to route you.

Great idea. It would

Great idea. It would require that Nuvi support "breadcrumbs." Then at the end of the trip, allow the used to SAVE that route.

Spoke to Garmin support;

Spoke to Garmin support; they say that only the StreetPilot 2820 has the ability to "track log".



The Zumo has it as well.

great idea

I like the idea but on my nuvi 350 it's not possible. it would be a great feature to have on all gps.

And here's the reason it's not ...