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How do I delete a map from my 765T? Thanks in advance.


What map? Why do you want to delete it? How did it get on the device to begin with?

Delete map

AZ topo added with map source.


deplee wrote:

AZ topo added with map source.

OK, here we go.

First, be safe rather than sorry--make a full backup of all files on your nuvi to a computer hard drive, DVD-R or some such device:

With a backup, you can recover from a lot more mistakes that potentially can be made than when not having a backup.

The Arizona Topo, if it's the only Supplemental Map you've installed through Mapsource, with be the file gmapsupp.img in the Garmin folder on the nuvi. Simply delete this file--or rename it to something like gmapsupp.img.disabled if you don't want it to appear on the list of available maps but want the option to bring it back at a later date.

Your nuvi most likely has two other .img files in your Garmin folder: gmapbmap.img and gmapprom.img. Do not delete these--gmapbmap is your nuvi's Basemap and gmapprom is the most important as it's your installed City Navigator North America NT map!

When done, always "safely disconnect" or "eject" your nuvi from the computer rather than just pull the USB cable.

To confirm, fire up the nuvi and go back to your "Map Info" page. Arizona Topo should be gone and City Navigator should still be shown. Make sure that City Navigator is checked.

Let us know how it works out for you.

find the AZ topo map and just delete it

deplee wrote:

AZ topo added with map source.

All you need to do is connect the unit to the computer with the USB cord and use file manager to find the AZ topo map and just delete it.

I have that same AZ topo map installed in my 3790LMT.

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Also do not delete gmaptz.img

The 7x5 series will also have another .img file named GMAPTZ.IMG. This is the time zone map, so do not delete it.

If you have the latest firmware, Garmin has added gmapsup1.img as a legitimate file name for a supplemental map. So your topo map could be named gmapsupp.img or gmapsup1.img.

Note that the gmapsupp.img or gmapsup1.img would be in the \Garmin folder of the nuvi's internal storage volume or the SD card.

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delete maps

Thank you all much appriceated.