RLC: Some work, some don't


Here's another "Good News", "Bad News" data point on RL cameras, from today's local newspaper:

Md. town to deactivate 2 of 3 red light cameras
WESTMINSTER (AP) — Westminster Police will deactivate two of the remaining three red-light cameras in the city, citing more crashes caused by rear-end collisions than by running red lights.
The Common Council unanimously approved the measure on Monday. The camera at southbound Md. 97 and Nursery Road will remain in operation. Police Chief Jeffrey Spaulding says there has been an increase in the number of vehicles running red lights at that intersection.
In March 2010, five red light cameras were installed. After a one-year review, two were deactivated.
According to the Carroll County Times, the three cameras brought in $216,553 in revenue from fines. The program cost the city $137,831.

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Maybe they ought to hire some professional co. out of Arizona to handle the program for them. That is a program gone wrong when cameras are installed and cars crash. Talk about govt. messing this up. Or just take a ride down to big bro' DC and see how the pros do it.

and if they lost money...

They would be gone entirely because money is 99% of the reason they are installed.

Well, they did take a 66%

Well, they did take a 66% cut in revenue.

Perhaps there was a local election!


Rear end collisions

Do rear end collisions cost the municipality money?

Don't think so. Maybe that is the answer.

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Frside007 wrote:

They would be gone entirely because money is 99% of the reason they are installed.

EZPass didn't really go the way it was intended, neither did FiOS. Yet they are not "gone."

How about the new toll roads where if you don't have EZPass, you are charged 150% of the toll rate? Are we going to get into Constitutionality all over again?

(just thinking aloud: here's a clue, don't want to follow the rules, how about getting off the road? Driving is a privilege).....

Ah yes..

If we could all just follow the rules without question what a great world this would be.... wink

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The public safety spokesman said that the first 3 cameras placed have resulted in 52% reduction in T-Bone accidents at those locations. The proceeds from RLC are placed in a fund exclusively for improving traffic safety. He mentioned a new bicycle lane along a busy street.

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