voice download problems


i have a nuvi 1410, i inserted a 16gb card. downloaded a voice from mygarmin.com onto the sd card - but i cannot find the file on the garmin. do i need to "activate" the sd card on the garmin - or it is supposed to "sync" automatically?
I presume to find a voice download i should look in voices on the garmin?
not too bright on the technical issues - all help will be appreciated


Hmm, a search on the web is giving me mixed results on whether Garmin voices can be installed to and run from SD cards.

Since you aren't seeing the voice to be selected on your nuvi, the two most likely possibilities are that: 1) the voice can't be used when placed on a SD card in your nuvi and must be installed to the nuvi's internal storage; or 2) voices can be installed to SD cards for use with your nuvi model, but yours is in the wrong directory.

On my nuvis, voices are in the nuvi's /Garmin/Voice directory. Where did you install the voice on your SD card?

One last thing on voices: I see that the 1410 does "speak street names" meaning that it can use TTS voices. Pretty much every voice that you can find and install for use with your nuvi is not TTS. So even if you find and select your new voice, it will say something like "In point 1 miles, turn right" rather than your TTS voices which will say something like "In point 1 miles, turn right onto Elm Street." Personally, I'd avoid any non TTS voice which keeps me stuck to the TTS "Speaks Street Names" voices that came with your nuvi.

PS--Welcome to The Factory!

One more "last thing": your nuvi has limited internal storage and will have some potential issues when doing future map updates, so adding extra files to that model nuvi may make matters worse when it comes to upgrades. Speaking of map updates, if your nuvi is new, you may be entitled to a free map update to the current 2013.10 map. Shout if this is true and if map update help is needed.


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Since you are new, you may want to do a couple of the Beginner Exercises.

To make it easy, when you click on the first link below, hold down the "Cntl" key as you left-click. That will open a new "Tab" in your browser in the "Tab" bar. Click on that 'Tab" to do the first exercise - leaving the "Tab" you are now reading open and available to click on and return here.

The first link makes sure settings on your computer are such that you can do more advanced POI loading.

This next link helps you get a backup by attaching your GPS to your computer. (NEVER do anything to your GPS until you have a backup)

Then again

Then again, given your location, maybe you're not looking for an English language voice and are trying to add an Afrikaans one. Good luck and let us know what works or what addtional help you need. Just remember that these voices won't speak street names: