BMP Icon Files on Garmin Nuvi in Alerts


Is the purpose of the BMP icons on the Garmin so that they only show up on the map as you approach the icon or will it also show up in the alert itself where the white box pops up saying how far you are from the POI.

I had a trial of the Garmin safety camera subscription and I swear I ocassionally saw a yellow triangle appear with people walking (the icon for a school) when near a school. I guess the safety subscription also includes some schools as a safety alert. Anyway, is there a way to get it work like that with the custom BMP icons too or are they just for the map?

You can have bmp in custom files and sound.

Look at a few faq's.
Backing up your GPS:
Adding sound and icons:

You will need sox.exe in the proper folder and will use wav files.

Nuvi 2460LMT.


The BMP custom icons that you can load with your Custom POIS do not show up in the alert box. That functionality does not currently exist.

The custom icons for Custom POIs show up on the map when zoomed in to the appropriate level on the device.

Note that it's possible that the Garmin safety subscription data working differently.

Thanks for the FAQs, I am

Thanks for the FAQs, I am familiar with how it's done but my question was more in terms of a alert itself and not the map per se. With the garmin safety subscription, the yellow school icon pops up with the alert (a fairly decent size) as opposed to straining to see the pin sized icon which will only appear if you are zoomed in appropriately anyway. The next reply in this thread indicates that they work differently and it can't be done so I guess that's the way it is. Good and bad I guess. smile

I thought so, MOtorcycle

I thought so, MOtorcycle Mama. Thanks for the reply.