2455 LMT, should have gone with the 2495 LMT??


Hi everyone!

Today, I finally went out and bought the 2455 LMT Garmin GPS I've been longing for. I recently took on a job where I have a TON of driving to do in a busy city that I moved to about a year ago. I am directionally challenged at that, so let's just say the GPS was long overdue.

I kind of toyed over Garmin, Tom Tom, and the Magellan. Needless to say, I went with the Garmin. I've had experiences with both the Garmin and the Tom Tom, but the Garmin is the more known brand for myself.

As I type this I am beyond ecstatic to use my GPS for the first time tomorrow. So I may be saying this prematurely but while doing my last bit of researching on the Garmin GPS, I started looking at the 2495.

From what I can tell, the difference between the 2455 LMT and the 2495 LMT are:
+ Bluetooth
+ Voice control
+ Hands free compatible
+ Smartphone link compatible

What I am most interested in is the bluetooth and voice control. From what I have read, the voice control is excellent and comparable to 'being able to drive with both hands on the wheel and still have control of the GPS.' When I saw these options on the 2495 LMT, I wasn't interested at all. I don't have a bluetooth enabled phone , but I'd like to have one in the future.

I guess my question is, what is everyone's experience with the 2495 LMT? Is it worth the Voice Control and the Bluetooth? There is only a $20 difference between the two models. However, I feel like the voice control on the GPS while driving is invaluable. Like I said, I have yet to try out the 2455. (tomorrow!) But I will post more when I form an opinion on it.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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All of

my GPSr has VC. Would not do without it.

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first off

Welcome to the site.

As to the features and the differences between the two, your particular mileage will vary. I have an 885. it's an older model but does have voice control. It does come in handy, but not as handy as you might think.

The major factor in how well voice control and bluetooth operate depends on the environment they are in. If you are in a vehicle with a lot of noise, either road noise, people talking or an entertainment system operating, then they don't work that well. Another factor is just how far from you to the unit. The more distance, the more opportunity for the unit to not hear or misunderstand what you are saying to it.

With my 885, I've had it for about 3 years now, I haven't used the bluetooth in it for almost all that time. The implementation in this unit is just not that good. My suggestion is if you are going to be doing a lot of driving is to invest in a GOOD earpiece. Not necessarily one of the $29.99 specials, but one that costs above the $50 range.

It's true, you do get what you pay for in these units. The reason for the earpiece is it will continue to function when you are out of the vehicle and your hands are full. My unit allows me to answer calls hands-free in that I don't have to touch the unit to accept the call. I just tell it either "answer" or "ignore."

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My 2460 has VC and I use it all the time to take and make calls as well as issuing commands to the PND

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My 2460 too

I use voice control on my 2460 all the time.

Like others have said, if you play the radio or a cd, have a window open, the vc doesn't work worth a darn.

The other thing we've noticed ... there is something in my wife's voice that sometimes actives the voice control ... even though she does not say one of the voice control prompts.

Actually kinda of funny, because sometimes something my wife says to me or the way she says it trips me up too.

Only option would be for the 2460 and me to ignore what my wife says ... and that would not be a good thing (according to her, anyway).

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I have Voice Control on my 3790LMT and it works very well

I have Voice Control on my 3790LMT and it works very well and I would imagine the 2495 would be very similar. I use it quite often and very often when I'm entering new favorites or searching for things.

I was really surprised how well the bluetooth worked with my Droid X and was very easy to answer incoming calls and I could hear the caller clearly even at freeway speeds.

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I like voice control

I got my daughter a 2460 and my son-in-law a 2450 at Christmas time. Her car lacks bluetooth while his has it. I don't think she uses the bluetooth but she has it if she decides to.

I have 3 GPSs and one, the one in my BMW, has voice control. It is a 885t. I installed a remote microphone and I take the headphone signal to the aux port of the BMW. I play MP3s from it, get navi instructions over the car speakers, and phone calls come over the car speakers. Despite the fact that my bimmer is a convertible, people say they hear me clearly. The 2460 does not have remote microphone capability if I remember correctly nor does it have a headphone jack. I purposely got a 5 inch unit mainly because the reviews said the sound out of the built in speaker is better (than a 4.2 inch).

I don't always use the voice control in the bimmer but it's a nice feature to have. One of the guys at work bought a 2460 on my recomendation (actually his wife got it for him for Christmas) and he really likes it. He says the bluetooth works well. It has a wake-up command (the 885t has a remote you put on the steering wheel). His command is "wake-up xxxx". The "xxxx" is an australian dancer on dancing with the stars. He likes the female australian voice (as I do). His wife is not thrilled with his wake-up command (which he thinks is funny).


buyer's remorse

Based on your comments, I think you will always have some buyer's remorse unless you get a unit with bluetooth and voice control. So if you bought from a place where you can return it, I suggest you return the 2455 while you still can. Spend a few dollars more and get one with the features you want. Even if you only use these features occasionally, you will know they are there when you need them.

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Voice control sucks

Changing the activation phrase eliminated false triggering, but it still sucks.

However I would go for the 2460 in any case because you probably want bluetooth. THAT is something I need.

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Both features work well

I have a 2595. Both features are worth having. The voice command works very well on it. It's a little weak if you try and speak an entire adress (i.e.: "1295 Parkwood Avenue Kodiak Alaska". It does much better if you give the address in sections and let it display possible choices. It's excellent when asking for POI's, adress book entries and the various system commands. I got one of the earlier units, and the voice command system has improved noticeably with each new firmware release.

The bluetooth needs a little more work. Volume is very low from the person at the other end unless the master volume on the phone and the 2595 is turned all the way up. This is fine until the Nuvi speaks a navigation instruction, in which case you get blasted out of the car. Garmin advised to adjust the audio mixer, but I can't find a happy compromise. On the plus side it syncs and downloads my entire phone book, call history, etc. even though it's a phone that's not on the official list.

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Buy The 2495LMT

Our warmest welcome to the forum, there's a wealth of information here for your new Nuvi. Whatever you decide the best of luck with your choice.

I agree with alandb's comment that perhaps you are having buyers remorse. Return it if possible and get the 2595LMT, just not worth the small price difference thinking you made the wrong choice. Having the Bluetooth and voice recognition is also a benefit if in the future you decide to sell the unit.

I'm sure you've done the comparison on the Garmin's sight of the units, if not here is the link comparing the 2455, 2460, and 2495.


I have the 2460LMT and am very pleased with it, I got it primarily for the 5" screen ( eyesight deteriorating) and voice control, I don't use Bluetooth so I can't comment.

The voice command works quite well, my only complaint is using voice commands to activate favorite locations. When you activate the favorites a screen appears with 3 line numbers with the name of the favorite you created. The favorites are listed by distance order of your present location, the closet is first. To get to the next three entries you have to speak "down", then 3 more will appear.

If you have many entries and decide to go to the farthest one, there are many down commands you must speak. I wish Garmin had set it up where you would just speak the favorite name. It is a distraction when driving since you must glance at the screen to see the various pages.

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I don't have the 2495 but I

I don't have the 2495 but I have the 2595 which is 5" display. What I can tell you is that the voice control is very handy and acceptably accurate. Much safer than typing on the screen.

Day 2 of Garmin 2455 LMT

Hello everyone!

I must admit I am in love with having a GPS already! I feel as I may not learn my way around Ohio as well, but I'm so happy to have my GPS.

What I liked about the 2455 Garmin:

+How fast it reroutes.
I'm use to using my Blackberry as a GPS and although it didn't take too long to load, I feel as if my GPS loads almost instantly!

+Search Function.
I was extremely surprised when I typed in a client's business and it popped up with the location. This was so handy!

+I LOVE the dual orientation.
I get distracted fairly easily, but when the screen switches to an exit screen I instantly know when to start preparing to exit.

What I don't like so far:

+The screen seems a little hesitant in responding. This being my first GPS, I'm not sure if it's something specific to the 2495 or a Garmin charisteristic. I own a Kindle Fire at home and my boyfriend has an Apple phone, so I'm use to a more smoother touchscreen. I feel like at times I pushing a little hard on the screen. However, it's not too much of an issue.

+GPS Lady sounds too quiet.
I don't think I'm hard of hearing, but I feel even with the windows up and full volume I still have a hard time hearing what she's saying. I only have this problem with the voice directions, the dial tone beeps when I click an icon can way too loud if I have the master volume at 100.

+Routes not the quickest?
For about 90% of the routes I would agree they would be the fastest, but sometimes I know a faster route exists and sometimes it's more direct too. No fancy turning from street to street.

Thanks again for the wealth of information. I have to agree with everyone that I think I am going through buyers remorse. Once I can figure out a time to return the 2455, I'm going to pick up the 2495. I bought my GPS from Best Buy, so I have a 30 day return police on it.

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LuckyStephy wrote:

I have to agree with everyone that I think I am going through buyers remorse. Once I can figure out a time to return the 2455, I'm going to pick up the 2495. I bought my GPS from Best Buy, so I have a 30 day return police on it.

Happy to hear you can return it and get the 2495LMT.
Once you get that unit and have any questions post them and people will help you resolve it.
The FIRST THING you should do when you get it is back up all the files, this can save you undue aggravation in the future.

Link for backup instuctions:

If some files are hidden they won't be backed up so you must unhide all the files.
If using Windows open up Windowa Explorer
In Tools\Folder Options\View
Check "show hidden files and folders"
UNCHECK "Hide protected operating system files"

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Audio mixer?

LuckyStephy wrote:

Hello everyone!

...+GPS Lady sounds too quiet.
I don't think I'm hard of hearing, but I feel even with the windows up and full volume I still have a hard time hearing what she's saying. I only have this problem with the voice directions, the dial tone beeps when I click an icon can way too loud if I have the master volume at 100...

Have you checked the audio mixer page to see what level Navigation Prompts is set for? See page 4 of the manual:


And on page 5, there's discussion of Automatic Volume if the 2455 offers this feature. You could try it with and without and go with what you find best.