Cannot authenticate maps 2460LMT


After downloading version 2012.40 I get the message Cannot authenticate maps on my 2460LMT. I then went to the Garmin my dashboard and downloaded the newest updates for my registered Nuvi 2460 and did the steps it told about disconnecting and restarting the unit. The error message still shows and the GPS firmware shows 2.89 which is the same as when I started. Any more suggestions before calling Garmin?


2.89 is the latest firmware for that unit. What happens when you re-download the map using the Garmin Lifetime Updater? That would be the first thing I'd try.

Garmin Nuvi 2450

There are two ways to

There are two ways to download the maps: lifetime updater (option 1) and the original way (option 2). Don't use option 1 as it has too many problems. Use option 2 and download the maps again.

Besides, wouldn't it be prudent to wait for 2013.10? It should be released very soon, especially with the release of Europe 2013.10 this week.

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Called Garmin and finally

Called Garmin and finally got to tech support who downloaded the maps again using option 2. Another rep tried to fix problem before the download. Map download takes 9 or 10 hrs

I'm having same problem.

I'm having same problem. There seems to be many options. What was option 2 that worked for you?