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Just wanted to say hello


I just got my new Nuvi today, and was loading some custom POI and came across this site.

Are there any more sites out there where people share their Custom POI's?


First off, welcome to The Factory!

Even more important--back up your entire nuvi to a computer, external hard disk or DVD-R now before you tinker too much with your new device.

Second, isn't this something like asking a Coke distributor where to buy Pepsi? wink Not to worry--this reply will likely be the longest non-answer to your question--most folks here are briefer than I tend to be...

Third, besides the POI files, you'll find this site amazing for other purposes: adding visual icons and audio alerts to your POIs, finding out when your next City Navigator NA NT map update is coming out (which will be well before Garmin tells you about the new map update for your LMT GPS--and is likely to occur in the next seven days or so from today, May 3, 2012), when using TourGuides is a good idea, etc.*

*Etc. includes:

-your 1450 has limited internal storage and installing new maps to their fullest can be problematic compared to installing map updates for larger capacity nuvi models. Search The Factory for advice on maximizing your device's ability to load larger maps to 2GB devices like your nuvi 1450LMT.**

-your 1450 has and will update by default to a tiny selection of Junction Views in low quality. A search here will take you to instructions on how to manually download from Garmin and install to your 1450 the very large photorealistic Junction View file. THIS IS AN AMAZING IMPROVEMENT to your 1450. (Buy and install a micro SD card to your nuvi for this file and for other purposes--I suggest a 4, 8 or 16GB Sandisk card available inexpensively at Amazon, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, etc.)

-once you've posted for a few weeks (or paid a fee if you're in a hurry), you can get the very accurate and up-to-date redlight and speed cameras POI files for your nuvi.

-other issues as they crop up for you can be found by searching past posts--or by asking and getting (almost always) tactful and pleasant replies with the correct answer or a concerted attempt among users to find an answer for you.

Now let's see if I was the first to reply--or if someone else beat me while I was composing this wink

**PS--when doing a map update, in an early window, look for "Install Options" and click it. This will let you choose to install the map update to your nuvi and to your computer for use via the BaseCamp program (or the older Mapsource, which you can find and install manually to your computer).


Welcome to the site jpbell. I think you'll enjoy this site also.

Are we there yet?

Welcome to the site.

Welcome to the site.


Welcome to Poi factory! I doubt you'll find a better place for custom pois, for North America anyways smile


Enjoys your stay in POI factory

Val - Nuvi 785t and Streetpilot C340


Welcome to the greatest POI site on the internet.

Garmin 2555lmt


Nope, this is the only site that has Custom POI's! grin

Ok, there might be others but this one has probably everything you can think of. If you can't find something, there's even a thread that asks you to suggest a POI topic and someone might build it for you.

Hi There

You'll find that this is THE BEST site for POI's. Not only is the content excellent, but the people are absolutely fantastic and helpful with all sorts of things.

But go ahead and kill a few hours or days looking for something else if you want to.....


Welcome to the site.

Why would you need another?

JRoz -- nuvi 3490LMT, 3760LMT, 260W; Edge 605; Approach G5; Oregon 450

This is simply the best and

This is simply the best and most friendly POI site on the web.


Maps -> Wife -> Garmin 12XL -> StreetPilot 2610 -> Nuvi 660 (blown speaker) -> Nuvi 3790LMT


This a great site, with great folks, not sure of anything just ask,if you can't find a thread that answers your question, then start a new one, then if the question has been answered in another thread we'll tell you where to look. I live in New Zealand and find heaps of good tips here, and great people hang out here.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present...




This is the best site there is. No need for any other. grin

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Welcome aboard! Don't forget to look at the red light camera

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