TomTom App on iPhone Update


I almost rolled through a red light because of the most recent update to the TomTom App on the iPhone. It now includes a Red Light database for the US. As I approached the first intersection, it ever so politely alerted me. I kept going (it was a green light) and upon coming up to another intersection, it alerted me again. In the north west suburbs of Chicago, I don't have that many red light cameras on my regular routes. A couple of days after the update, it goes off again and now I'm wondering what the alert is coming up for. So, I looked at the display, and just as I was figuring out, "HEY - this thing now has Red Light Camera's listed!", I realized - ah, the light is red. Fortunately, I was stopped and wasn't really about to go through the light, but I figured that was close enough. Now, I'll be listening to it to see how accurate or up to date it is.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled forum - already in progress . . .