Using GPS Beyond Simple Navigation


I have been a scanner owner for a number of years as well as a GPS user for several years now. I have been interested by the Uniden Home Patrol HP-1 that has the ability to connect to a GPS to select radio frequencies and talkgroups for monitoring. Which leads me to this post. Does anybody here see any other opportunities to use GPS for similar applications in other areas? Here are some that I have thought of:

-Connect GPS to an AM/FM broadcast radio to select stations based on location. However, there is probably less interest than ever in broadcast radio, so I don't think that would have much interest. Probably most people spending that much time on the road have XM/Sirius or other non-broadcast devices for listening enjoyment.

-With Mobile DTV it might be handy to be able tos witch channels automatically when driving across the country. Even regular DTV could have a small GPS to determine the nearest stations, but it is probably overkill unless the additional cost were quite low.

-NOAA Weather radios only need a ZIP code. If one were traveling it might be nice to have a NOAA weather radio that retuned for the nearest tower for emergency alerts.

-Amateur radio, especially 2 meter and 70 cm repeaters, could be selected while travelling. While it, too, could be overkill, we hams do like to experiment!

Anyway, I would like to hear of other applications that people can think of.

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Travel radio

Having been to 48 of the states in the Union once and most over three times I usually listen to my IPOD which plays through my radio (I hate talk radio) has over 2600 music scores on it mainly jazz.
My Garmin has a list of all NPR Stations on it so that I can hear certain shows and news reports and then back to music. The Garmin lets me know if I am going towards or away from the station and where the next one is. It is easier than searching.
There are lists out there that can satisfy anyone's likes.
My poi folder list on my Garmin include:

Attractions USA
USA Historical Markers
Hotels Motels (Choice Hotels USA)
Mountains and Passes
Music and clubs
Rest Areas and Truck stops
USA Nuclear Research Facilities
Red Lights

These folders meet all my needs and I keep looking how I can improve my driving trips.


I maintain a POI file called TV Towers. It shows the long/lat, call sign, network, virtual channel, actual channel, and major city.

1490LMT 1450LMT 295w

TV Towers.

spokybob wrote:

I maintain a POI file called TV Towers. It shows the long/lat, call sign, network, virtual channel, actual channel, and major city.

I see that now Maybe if I get ambitious I should somehow note on that file which have Mobile DTV. Thank you for the reply.