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Have been having a problem lately for the past two days.
When I try to log in, my pasword is not accepted and have had to request a new log-in.
I have set both password and confirmation and each time I log out and try to re log-in, it is not accepted. I have removed all previous cookies from poi-factory, so will retry and see what happens.
Cross my fingers..
Anyone else having similar problem?



Well, had to get new log-in once again.
I have no idea what is going on as don't have problem with other sites where I have to log in.



What do you mean by 'had to get a new log-in'? Are you just being logged off without specifically asking to be logged off (and having to log back on) or is the site rejecting your password when you try to log in?

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More Info

Which OS are you using and which web browser?

Are you using a "cleaner" utility program that may be deleting cookies?

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No, I selected to log off and later tried to log in again.
However, this time I noticed my user name was my e-mail address, which I always thought I was supposed to use and so I changed it to my name, entered password and Eureka, I was logged in.
I guess I have to watch in future and make sure user name is correct on log-in page.


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