Rand McNally TND 710


Hey all! I am new to the POI Factory and want to downoes load POI's for Anytime Fitness locations into my TND 710. I have found some POI's but they are for Garmin and Tom Tom. Will they transfer to my TND 710.



TND 710 poi

From what we know of the TND 710 it doesn't use the Garmin format for its files. We haven't had a lot of success understanding exactly what format the file has to be and Rand McNally hasn't been real forthcoming with information either.

There are a few RM users here that may be able to give you some more information, but I would also check some other GPS sites for clues as to what the file format is. GPSPassion is a good start, try RM support as well.

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Importing POIs into RM 710

The TND will import CSV files. I have successfully downloaded the GARMIN .CSU file (whicj is in .csv format and imported fine.

I want to change icons and have yet to figure out how to import icons and assign them.

I would like to know if we

I would like to know if we can import icons/sounds to the TND 710 as well. Would be nice, as some POI's are just pushpins.