nuvi 1450


New user here...
POI files download to the 1450 but the information is not displayed. Under the 1450 POI icon there are no new icons. I must have done something wrong. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks, Ed


Welcome to the site Ed, here is everyting you need to know for the POIs

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HI Ed,

1450 user here as well. Once the POI's are loaded either into the unit or onto a Micro SD....Select 'Where To' on the main screen and then scroll down until you see "Extras". Hit that and then you'll see your Additional POI selection bar......hit that and you'll see the individual files that are entered. You won't find what you've loaded under the POI Icon that's already there.


Got it! Thanks!


Should be getting my new

Should be getting my new 1450LMT today. May need help since it is the 1st one I have bought. Had TomTom before but heard Garmin is much better.