Webupdater 2.5.5


When I ran Webupdater this morning, it applied an undate to 2.5.5. Not much on the change log (below) but I let it update anyway. Seemed to work OK after update.

Changes made from version 2.5.4 to 2.5.5:
◦Fixed issue with GTU10 compatibility.

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Should I have my GPS plugged into the computer when I update.

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Not necessary

rthibodaux wrote:

Should I have my GPS plugged into the computer when I update.

I just updated mine with my GPS unplugged, updated with no problem.

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not necessary

It is not necessary to have GPS plugged in to update the file on your computer !

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On the Mac OS X Side - new version 2.1.3

WebUpdater for Mac software version 2.1.3

as of February 27, 2012

Changes made from version 2.1.2 to 2.1.3:

Fixed GTU 10 device software update issue.
Fixed a rare start up crash.

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No problems

Updated mine today.

Tight lines

Just Updated

Thanks for the heads-up.



Will do the update this week end.

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Updated - No Issues

Just downloaded and installed the Webupdater 2.5.5 with no problems to report.



for the heads up - I always like to keep my software current

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Updated Too

I updated mine this weekend as well, but I don't see any differences.


Guess it's not worth the bandwidth.

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Direct download of WebUpdater v2.5.5

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just updated

just downloaded ...

... hope it works.


it's the dog's fault

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Downloaded and installed yesterday. Hooked up my 3760 and everything works fine.


...with limited computer skills, I'll follow this thread to see if any problems. thanks to all..cz

I update with the unit plugged in

I tend to not update a program until I plan on using it. I just wait until I want to check for updates to my unit, then plug it in and run the updater. If there's a newer version available, it'll be applied and I'll know I've got the most current version. Also, if there's a problem recognizing or updating my unit, I'll know it's likely with the updater.

If there's a newer version of a Garmin program that has interesting new functions, I'll learn about it on this site and update it sooner.

Just updated...

No problems updating on my Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit PC

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as we speak