Deleting all maps in a Garmin 250W


Can all the maps in a Garmin be deleted so i can install the complete 2011 or later maps? As of now i have all of 2009 North America maps and the eastern USA and Canada maps.When i open up my files it does not show 2009 maps but in the maps section of the unit i can pick 2009 or 2011.The 2009 is not listed in any program file so how do i get rid of 2009? Thank you.


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In normal cases unless you've manually added extras, your existing map will be overwritten when updating so there's no need (and some danger) in deleting earlier maps. As youv'e found out already, nuvi models with only 2GB capacity require some effort to maximize the map that can be installed during an update.

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s_a stated in 2010 that "A 250W has sufficient room to install all of the US and Canada. Mexico would have to go on a SD card."

Did you follow the advice from a_user when you last asked this question:

Since your nuvi apparently has some portions of a 2009 and 2011 map and if neither is installed to a SD card, one must be listed as a supplemental map. Hopefully someone can reply soon listing the file name of your supplemental map allowing it to be deleted. But please, make a backup copy of all files on your nuvi to a computer hard drive or something before you delete anything from the nuvi itself.

[Update] An earlier response from Motorcycle Mama:
However, the pre-installed maps are located in a file named GMAPPROM.IMG located on your nuvi. Any supplemental maps that are loaded to the unit are contained in a file named GMAPSUPP.IMG.

If you want to completely delete the detailed maps and be left with only the basemap, you could delete the GMAPPROM.IMG file. If you want to deleted the supplemental maps, then you would delete the GMPASUPP.IMG file.

It sounds like you may want to delete GMAPSUPP.IMG to remove the persistent supplemental map as well as needing to delete all unnecessary help/voice/text files before trying to install a map update so as to maximize the map you'll receive.

If you have some files on a SD card now or have already deleted unnecessary files, let us know so we can modify our suggestions. Do you have any/many Custom POIs loaded? If a lot, moving them to a SD card will offer some help.

deleting maps in garmin 250w

Thank you for your suggestions.