Garmin North America App on an iPhone 4S


I recently installed the Garmin North America App on my iPhone 4S.

Although it is a nice app and clearly better than Google Maps, and up there with Navigon, it is not a replacement for my Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx. I'd have to say that the Garmin North America iPhone app emulates a low to mid range nuvi which has but a fraction of the features of the 60CSx.

I'd use the app as a backup, but never as my primary GPS for extensive travel. I am used to having all the features, usability and design of the 60CSx and I can't see going without them. If you are accustomed to a nuvi-class GPSr, then the Garmin iPhone app can be a good alternate for you.

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Just for clarification, are

Just for clarification, are you reviewing the Onboard version or the ondemand (network) version?
I've tried both and found the Streetpilot Onboard version has more features, and is more robust, than the ondemand version.

FWIW, personally, I'm pretty happy with Streetpilot Onboard North America. It does seem to have some features that are only available on higher-end Nuvis, such as upcoming exit POIs. Similarly, I found that if you search for POIs while moving, it will display a directional arrow next to the POI in addition to the distance. (I hadn't seen this feature before)

Admittedly, there are some quirks:
- Why is it one click to cancel the route (hit the red "X" button), but three clicks to mute or unmute? (hit the speaker button, press the mute button, then press the back button)
- Why do airport icons appear on the map at nearly every zoom level? (Airports are no more important than lots of other pois such as hospitals, police stations, rest stops, etc)

I'd also like some indication from Garmin as to if/when, and for how long, we will receive free map updates. They have been very vague on this subject.

OnBoard Version

My comments are directed towards the version that is not supposed to need the cell system.

As far as map updates, there is an in-App optional purchase of map updates, so that answers your question.

GPSMAP64s, iPhone XR w/Garmin North America, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS.

I don't see an in-app

I don't see an in-app purchase for map updates. I see:
- Fuel prices $9.99/yr
- Photolive Traffic cameras $9.99/yr
- Traffic $19.99/yr
- Vehicle Display Integration $49.99/yr

I have the North America version (they also offer a USA only version).

Where'd It Go???

CN North America NT 2012.2 HD & All are the maps that the app uses.

Somewhere, and I thought it was in-app, I saw the option to purchase an update that allows 4 refreshes per year. I can't find it now. I was thinking about doing it too. I think it was $19.99.

GPSMAP64s, iPhone XR w/Garmin North America, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS.

Like it much better than my nuvi 760

I've had the onboard version on my iPhone 4 for several weeks. The map draw works much better, some new features compared to my trusty nuvi. The paid traffic is MUCH more accurate and robust than the lifetime Clear Channel Traffic i have on my nuvi 760.

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