Nuvi Pin Outs/Power Issue?


This may be a wild stab in the dark, but let me ask with the hope that someone out there knows the answer.

I connected by nuvi 680 to its base today. Normally this action causes my nuvi to turn on when I start my car or otherwise supply power to the 12V adapter/MSN-Direct antenna -- but not today. The LED in the power adapter lights up.

1) Does anybody know why this is now happening? Has my adapter blown a fuse? If so, how to I fix it?
2) Does anybody know what the pinouts are on the base connector so I can verify with a volt meter that power is actually reaching the nuvi?


on my 680 the power cable

on my 680 the power cable broke right at the joint where the wire flexes about 1" from the gps unit. Try wiggling that wire and see if it turns on. I ended up having to get a generic power adapter off ebay.

If the LED lights up on the

If the LED lights up on the adapter, it's not the fuse.

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Pin Outs

Since we can rule out the fuse, I agree with spiiiguy the next place to check are the wire connector at the cradle mound. These sometimes dislodge themselves.
If you determine it is the Power Cable\receiver consider buying a generic one since MSM is gone for good.

The next thing that may be causing the problem is the cradle itself. You asked about the pin out connections, I did a search and was able to find the below link that outlines the connectors on a nuvi 660, the 680 will be the same. It's the top post on the page by forum member cstempert.

Note: the 10 pin layout he describes is what's on the back of the nuvi, from left to right, on the cradle those points will be right to left.

Edited: I just tested my 660 cradle with a 12V test light, click on the link below and you can see the TWO confirmed 12V power contacts on the cradle.
This does not mean the cradle or wiring is good since there are 8 more wires, it just shows power is reaching the cradle contacts.

Should you find the cradle defective I have found a NEW one selling on Ebay for $18.98 with free shipping. I wouldn't buy a used one. I don't know if you're willing to spend that much to keep the unit going.

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Power Cradle Problem?

Chances are it may be a bad Power Cradle. Please read through the thread below and see if it helps:

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power issue

oh man,not cool

Update / Power Cord

Did some testing and found that power was getting delivered to the GPS unit. That was a few weeks ago. Now, my GPS seems to work fine.

On a perhaps related note, I have a problem with the power cord. There is a rubber "boot" that helps hold the power cord into the base -- aka that suction thingy that attaches the GPS device to the windshield. This boot has fallen out. Is there a permanent fix?